enerGQ has optimised the business processes of a lot of companies since 2008 with the focus on energy saving

The main aim is to help those companies to reduce their CO2 production and help them in the fight against climate change.

The company was founded by the two owners Ton van Ewijk and Rob Burghard.They have, together with the team of enerGQ, a broad knowledge of processes in various industries.

For us, the human interaction with technology has been in the centre of the developments from the start of the company. This is because people are the main cause of the energy usage and the surplus of energy consumption.

Therfor the users of energy need to have the best tools to reduce the excess consumption of energy. At the same time owe ptimise the business processes as well.

The solutions are now delivered to LE's (industry and utilities) and SME's as well. 

The solution developed by enerGQ, is unique, innovative and has been rewarded more than once (Innovation Top 100, Accenture Innovation Award, IBM smart camp). The enerGQ solutions are not only used for energy saving but also for several other solutions like asset monitoring. 

We provide sensors for energy measurement, energy monitoring equipment, data analysis software, software engineering and consultancy to coach companies in achieving energy efficiency improvements.

enerGQ is based in Groningen and has direct contacts with research institutions such as the University of Groningen and Hanze University which gives a first line of know how input in the company.

We cooperate with other companies that have proven technologies to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions with a short payback period and minimise CO2 emission such as Zytec, a Game Changer in rotating equipment. Save energy/CO2 and costs which until now was not feasible. www.zytec.eu