Energy as performance indicator

Energy is, in general terms, used to deliver a performance. This can be by making a product in industrial plants, the transportation of people and goods, or maintaining comfort in buildings such as offices, schools and hospitals. The used energy carrier can be electricity, natural gas, steam, oil, engine fuels or more.

The problem

By definition in all occasions more energy is used than required to deliver such performance. This excessive energy consumption in an organisation varies in magnitude over time and can reach up to 30% of the total energy consumption. The main cause for excessive energy consumption is the human factor

Because of this human factor the efficiency of the equipment and operation is sub optimal. It is the people that has a direct impact on the suboptimal settings of the equipment or operation.

Good housekeeping and maintenance have a indirect influence on the efficiency of the equipment and operation. If it is not done correctly, it can result in the longer term in aging, wear and tear or malfunction of equipment.

The solution

enerGQ’s self-learning energy management technology unveils the excessive energy consumption and with that the impact of the human factor. The use of big data and machine learning techniques (techniques of artificial intelligence) is key to this technology.

The software compares the real time energy consumption with the data from similar situations. These data are generated during the benchmarking period. The analysis is done on all the available signals and helps in this way to increase the efficiency of the operation.

Added values

Optimization of resources and processes ⇒ The deviations with respect to the best performance (short time and long term) 
Recommendations on the best future actions through early warnings ⇒ prevent escalation of abnormalities, no more hassle.
Secure and enrich knowledge ⇒ Because of the growing know how of the organisation, energy awareness will give extra energy savings