Health Care

enerGQcare B.V. applies its technology to healthcare institutions.

At healthcare institutions, the health care awareness to the employee is extremely important to achieve results in the field of energy conservation. 

Experience has shown that if you apply the methodology supplied by enerGQcare, you will have huge energy savings. In these cases enerGQcare delivers the sensors in combination with the data analysis software and the support in order to achieve an energy-conscious organization.

In addition to these activities enerGQcare is developing smart IoT solutions (Internet of Things = the internetworking of physical devices) for healthcare applications. The solutions will reveal more know how on disease characteristics of patients. By applying the data analysis techniques of enerGQcare, new solutions for the patient become available in the near future. 

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enerGQ is a member of the employers' association for the technology industry in the Netherlands (FME) and a partner of OSIsoft

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