enerGQ can supply its customers with new solutions developed by applying and combining the latest sensor technologie, computer power, internet technology, data transferring technology, big data analysis and artifical intelligence techniques.

The solutions are dedicated for the application but the basis of the approach is always the same, increase the energy efficiency and reduce excessive energy.

enerGQ delivers:

  • The sensors for measuring the energy usage.
  • The infrastructure  for data processing and analysis out of the sensors
  • Software engineering: enerGQ can deliver dedicated software applications for our customers
  • The consultancy and coaching of energy professionals in their aim to increase efficiency in the operation.

enerGQ is used in:

  • Chemical industry; 
  • Drinking water production; 
  • Paper industry, Plastics industry; 
  • Pharmaceutical industry; 
  • Aluminium industry; 
  • Dairy industry; 
  • Bakery industry; 
  • Meat processing; 
  • Cattle feed.

enerGQ is used for:

  • Condition based asset monitoring;
  • Energy saving;
  • Reporting long term agreements with government (MJA); 
  • Performance contracting;
  • Power quality, Peak shaving; 
  • Reporting the CO2 footprint,
  • Support and facilitating accreditation of the ISO 50001 energiemanagement standard;
  • Optimize equipment settings; 
  • Predictive maintanance.


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